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Schools back in session

Like many of you mothers out there, I'm sure you have been shopping for school supplies, getting new school clothes and shoes for the first day of school. Well for most of us in the West this is the second week of school for elementary, middle & high school. My youngest went into kindergarten this year and my oldest went to the 3rd grade. Its been a mad rush around my house trying to get the last camping trip of the summer, getting lunches packed, and transitioning to early bed times.


I've been busy with work at my fairly new seems the more you know the busier you become. I've stepped back a bit from selling Stella & Dot only because i really don't enjoy spending my free time with strangers at a party. I'd rather be with my family, so I just did a very successful party with my senior stylist and will be transitioning out of parties. I'm more of a techy- go to my website if you like it, buy it. If not, no bid deal. So it feels good to be selling online from online. I've also starting doing something that I've never done in the past.....making my kids lunches. I've always had my kids take hot lunch (its mostly because I didn't want to make it, shop for it, and cause I always worked full time), but now I want to make the lunches, and with more free time I'm glad to do it.

So for now its time to go and pick up the kiddos from school, get them a snack, ask them about their day, and get dinner started....Awww the joys of being a mom.....

PS- 2 things -- #1 OMG did you watch #UTOPIA on #FOX...crazy doesn't begin to describe it......Watching this show makes me feel really good about myself....just saying......#Utopia = #CrazyVille

#2 I think i might enjoy a microbrew or 2 tonight. It just sounds yummy!

A little something funny - totally not my style, immature, but I laughed so here it is :)

Thanks for reading my Blog. I hope you enjoyed and keep coming back for more....

Yours Truly,


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Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day!!
Rachelle XOXOXO