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Facebook in Spokane #FBSpokane


I attended a great event today from Facebook at the Double Tree Hotel in Downtown Spokane. The event was called Facebook for Business or Facebook Small Business Boost which had over 200 people in attendance, the largest group Facebook says they have ever had. The presentation and panelist were there from 9:00am - 11:00am and stayed around to answer questions at the end.

The good news is that I already knew a lot of the information they were telling us about in regards to business pages. But they also put a lot of myths to rest like, the best time of the day to post is 10:00am...or..... you have to have lots of posts to get LIKES on your Page. Well its different for each company and there is no real answer. Facebook says that the time of day your posts are read depends on your users, and there are ways to track that information for your business. They also said that relevant content is more valuable then lots of posts. So tracking this information for your business is the re…

Pinot's Palette to open downtown Spokane

I have to say I can't hardly wait for Pinot's Palette to open in downtown Spokane. I have a date with my BFF's and I'm so looking forward to it. Their grand opening on Friday, February 28, 2014. You have to go online and register for a class. I first saw this when I was in Las Vegas in January. There is painting and drinking, definitely a good thing, right? So I met the new owner and she told us all about the franchise and how it works, I immediately called my girlfriends and made set a date. I think the class if from 7-9 and they teach you how to draw a featured painting and you can order drinks while you paint. Why didn't I think of this???? We are going in March and I cannot wait!!! Below is the painting we will be trying to paint. I will take pics with my iPhone and post them. Intesteted to see who's looks the best.

Last but not least not sure why I want to share but i will.....Here is a picture of my favorite hair products. I'm sure I will do an entire…

Weight Watchers Simple Start

So its been a few days since I last posted and a lot has happened. Before I forget my sons basketball team won their first game. Woo hooo!!!

So I want to give you an update on the  Covergirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara that I tried last week for a few days (I spoke about last week) and I decided I don't like it. It really makes my lashes clump together and they didn't look good at all. So I decided to buy a different product. My co-worker told me that Loreal was a really good brand to I purchased their eye mascara and eye pencil. OMG I LOVE the eye pencil. Its been years since I've found one that I loved and this one makes the cut.

I purchased Loreal and I like it much better. it doesnt clump and it evenly spready the mascara on your lashes. I purchased the Loreal Voluminous Original color black 360 and Loreal Extra Intense liquid eye pencil color Brown 797.  I typically go with a brown eye liner because black is too dark for my complexion and it looks to gottie …

Spokane Golf Show

The Spokane Golf Show runs Feb 15-16 at the Convention center.

Today started out like any other day made the kids breakfast: eggo waffles, bananas, and  yoplait cherry yogurt. I ran to Albertsons to grab snacks  form the basketball team so I got them orange gatorade (cause their jerseys are orange) and oreos. I went with oreos because a child on the team has a peanut,  or tree nut allergy and I heard that those were the best snacks for kids with allergies. Off we went to the basketball game for my son who is in the second grade. He played amazing today, his entire team played awesome. Although the ref doesn't keep score in YMCA the parents and kids usually do anyways. I don't want to brag or anything, but we pretty much smoked the other team. After an amazing game we had some kids to drop off from the team, then ended up going home and getting ready to go out to lunch. We ended up going to Buffalo wild wings with some friends and it was really good. I had a salad (good choice…

Valentine's Day 2014

This Valentines day started out a little different than usual at 3 AM my son threw up all over in the bedroom. It was quickly followed with a fever and the first words out of my mouth were, "Well there goes our Valentine's Day date." But the night was still young and the next morning he felt fine and he wasn't running a fever so I sent him off to school. My work day was crazy busy it started off with a meeting in the Spokane Valley with coffee and fruit. Then off to the office where I spent most the day just trying to get caught up from the weeks work. I had a fantastic Valentine's Day. My husband and I went for an amazing bottle of wine at Eau de Vie Wine Shop in Liberty Lake next to Hay J's. We had some incredible wine called pepper bridge cabernet sauvignon and the appetizers were from Hay J's. I choose the Tapa Platter which was Cilantro hummus, kalamata tapenade & roasted tomato-artichoke spread. Served with grilled sourdough, sliced cucumber &a…

The day before Valentine's Day!

Today was another early day. I was up at 5:00am, but this morning was a little different I had a new toy or makeup product to open and use for the first time. I opened a new tube of Covergirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara (boy that's a mouth full). I purchased it a few weeks ago and just now opened it. It is two mascara's in one. One side is for Volume and the other for Intensity. I think I like it so far and paid $10 and had a  $1 or $2 off coupon.  I have to say I am weird about makeup. I'm kind of a mut, I wear multiple brands of makeup and have done it for years. The one items that I have not fallen in love with yet are mascara and eye liner, so I tend to buy whatever looks cool. So here it goes, I only use Mary Kay for foundation, Clinique powder bronzer, Physicians Formula for eye Shadow and finish concealer, Covergirl wetslicks lip gloss and Vivite replenish hydrating cream for my face. Don't ask me to switch or even try another brand, I wont. I love th…


Volkswagen Passat Tdi turbo charge failed

Today started like any other day, we got up took showers and off to work we went at 6:30am. My morning was just cruising right along when I get a text message at 7:30am from my husband saying to call him, its important. He said, "My car is dead!" I was thinking to myself what does that mean? Did he get in a car wreck? Is he OK? He began to ask if I could pick him up about 8:30am because that is when the tow truck would be there. So I picked him up at Rosauers and watched the car get towed away to Appleway Autonation. So this set everyone behind for the day, I missed a meeting at work and showed up late for another. Later that day we were told the the 2013 VW Passat tdi turbo charge failed. We are not the first ones to experience this problem. There are always people like me blogging or threads of people reporting issues like these, Click here to see. The good news is its under warranty, the bad news is my husband drive 100+ miles a d…

Shopping at Ross in Spokane Valley

Name Brand Items at not nearly the Retail cost..... So this evening I stopped in and did a little shopping at Ross in the Spokane Valley. I only went in for one item, bath mats. But of course I came out with 5 items. I must say as I walked the isles I found some amazing items. They had these great fabric storage bins with chevron patterns in many different sizes, that would work great for kids toys, or books (see picture below). The pillows they have for sale are also amazing. So vibrant with color and new patterns, it makes me want to re-decorate my home. I found some great bath mats (2 for $12) and on the same isle noticed they had Tommy Hilfiger bath towels for $5.99. There were lots of colors to choose from and the towels were larger so they will fit most people. That's a great price considering I got mine at Macy's and paid much more than that.
Well because I found what I needed in the store so quickly, and I didn't have the kids with me I decided to venture over to…

Today is the First Day

Today is the first day of my new Blog. I've always wanted to have a blog of my own for many reasons. First of all I like to talk, a lot. I have so much to say and so little time. I always am thinking of something funny to do, say or new to try. So here it goes.....Please read my blog, subscribe to my emails and take a few minutes to walk in someone else's shoes.

PS - If you like politically correct then go to another blog. I tend to be very, very straight forward and I don't sugar coat anything. However I do try to watch my mouth, I am a mother after all.  :-)

I have so much to say where do I start? I'm 34yrs old. Turning 35 this year. I'm a working mom with two boys age 8 &4. I also sell Stella & Dot Jewelry in my "FREE TIME" right.  I've been married since 2002, no pets (our dogs passed) and my biggest journey right now is my weight. I'm about 40lbs heavier then I have ever been. I think the last time I weighed this much I was pregnant. …