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Shopping at Ross in Spokane Valley

Name Brand Items at not nearly the Retail cost.....

So this evening I stopped in and did a little shopping at Ross in the Spokane Valley. I only went in for one item, bath mats. But of course I came out with 5 items. I must say as I walked the isles I found some amazing items. They had these great fabric storage bins with chevron patterns in many different sizes, that would work great for kids toys, or books (see picture below). The pillows they have for sale are also amazing. So vibrant with color and new patterns, it makes me want to re-decorate my home. I found some great bath mats (2 for $12) and on the same isle noticed they had Tommy Hilfiger bath towels for $5.99. There were lots of colors to choose from and the towels were larger so they will fit most people. That's a great price considering I got mine at Macy's and paid much more than that.

Well because I found what I needed in the store so quickly, and I didn't have the kids with me I decided to venture over to the accessories where I found awesome make-up. They had the brand I wear Physicians Formula eye shadow for $2.99! It never even crossed my mind to try shopping at Ross for make-up. I found an amazing scarf for $5.99. Its super cute and can be worn to work or casual. I also grabbed a couple of other items like hair ties, and sunglasses. You wouldn't believe me if I told you I got 2 pair of  Aviator sunglasses for less then $7 total. I got Jessica Simpson Sunglasses (Jessica Simpson J5059 Gold Aviator Sunglasses) $45 Retail Value for $2.99 and a pair of Steve Madden's for $3.99 (Steve Madden S5440 Gold Aviator Sunglasses). The retail price was $40 so I went online and found them at Zappos for exactly $40. I totally scored today!!!!I know right! I also saw Betsey Johnson sunglasses for under $10!

You may be asking why I purchased two pairs of sunglasses. Well a few reasons, #1 one pair had white on them and the other pair had pink, #2 they were cheap! #3 I never spend over $20 on a pair of sunglasses that I'm going to end up loosing, scratching, dropping, and eventually getting sick of. #4 you always need a backup!

As I was checking out I heard the cashier ask the customer if she qualified for the senior discount 55+ of 10% off all items on Tuesday. She replied with, "Yes!" Now that's one perk I am looking forward to. :-) Ross is located in the Spokane Valley @ 15529 E Broadway Ave Spokane Valley, WA

So now its time for bed, time to think about my early 6:45am meeting and get ready for a long day. After work Wednesday I have a Stella & Dot Trunk Show that I am super excited about. There are lots of great sales, and incentives for new Stylist. If you are in the Spokane area and you are interested in getting free product through hosting a Trunk Show let me know. Please go to my website at
Check out this months specials....Spend $50 get 50% OFF!

PS - Here are my pictures of the blocks I made my nephew for his First Birthday using modge podge and creativity!

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