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The day before Valentine's Day!

Today was another early day. I was up at 5:00am, but this morning was a little different I had a new toy or makeup product to open and use for the first time. I opened a new tube of Covergirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara (boy that's a mouth full). I purchased it a few weeks ago and just now opened it. It is two mascara's in one. One side is for Volume and the other for Intensity. I think I like it so far and paid $10 and had a  $1 or $2 off coupon.  I have to say I am weird about makeup. I'm kind of a mut, I wear multiple brands of makeup and have done it for years. The one items that I have not fallen in love with yet are mascara and eye liner, so I tend to buy whatever looks cool. So here it goes, I only use Mary Kay for foundation, Clinique powder bronzer, Physicians Formula for eye Shadow and finish concealer, Covergirl wetslicks lip gloss and Vivite replenish hydrating cream for my face. Don't ask me to switch or even try another brand, I wont. I love these brands of makeup!|35209983758

Next,  I was out the door by 6:15am and on my way to a Spokane Home Builders Association SHBA Remodelers Council meeting at Rodda Paint Co. at their new location on Francis in Spokane. Rodda Paint Co. has been in the Northwest since 1932. To read more on the history of Rodda Paint Co. Click here. We had a great meeting and learned about the paints they supply. Horizon paint is ZERO VOC interior Sustainable Paint good for the environment and good for us. They also offer it in an exterior LOW VOC for those looking for "GREEN" options.

Next it was off to work, but first I stopped off at Gus Johnson Ford where I got some very needed technical help on the 2013 Ford Focus hatchback. I updated my phone from an iPhone 4s to an iPhone 5s, so I couldn't figure out how to delete the old phone and sync the new one. The guy that helped me was awesome. He got me hooked up in less then 5 minutes, and gave me some hints on how to sync my iPhone music on iTunes to the Ford Focus. Now I have hands free dialing calling again and I'm happy and compliant with the Washington State laws :-)

I then had a late lunch meeting at Waddell's they are locally famous for being featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. The food was good and so was the meeting. If you have never been I would recommend it. The atmosphere is that of a pub with beer taps hanging all over, and lots of local beers on tap.

I finished the day by grabbing a Papa Murphy's Heart Shaped Pizza (they call it the heart breaker, sooo cute!) for the kids Valentines dinner tomorrow. The lines are super long on holidays or special events so I figured I would get it tonight, put it in the fridge and bake it Friday. I have to say I LOVE Papa Murphy's pizza. I like the thin crust, and my favorites are the Veggie Delight, Gourmet Vegetarian and the Gourmet Chicken garlic. I'm not sure if they are healthier then Pizza Hut or Domino's Pizza but they sure seem that way. There are opinions on line, here are some. Don't get me wrong I like Pizza Hut and Domino's but prefer Papa Murphy's. I sometimes get out voted by the 3 boys in my house.

I picked up my boys from daycare and took the easy way out and grabbed McDonald's for dinner. My boys love the 20pc chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers, I love the $1.00 Large Diet Dr. Peppers. Tonight they had Gold, Silver and Bronze Specials for the Olympics. So we got a 20pc chicken nugget, 2 medium fries, and 2 cheeseburgers for $10. Now neither one of my boys eat the fries, so I would have been better off getting a 20 pc for $5 and 2 cheeseburgers for $2, saving me $3. Oh well, marketing and the ease of ordering got me again.

So its off to basketball practice for my son Tucker who plays for the YMCA. Wish us good luck, our first game is Saturday. As for me, I'm going to settle in with some Rosso di Montalcino Castello Banfi 2009 wine. I will end with another favorite ecard because they make me laugh and laughing is good for the soul.


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