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My Flight Experience On Alaska Airlines

Just want to give a HUGE shout out to Alaska Airlines. Talk about customer service. I experienced it multiple times on my trip. First experience was on my trip from Seattle to New Orleans. I was not feeling well and the stewardess asked if I would like a tums and ginger ale. That settled my stomach and I felt sooo much better. Next was on the flight from New Orleans to Seattle.  A friend was seated in a window seat and she is extremely claustrophobic, she asked the attendant if she could switch and he said he will do his best to switch her to an aisle seat. He must have called 10 names before someone finally agreed to switch. He could have just said no and not try but he did. WOW! Lastly - Having a terrible cold and flying I wasn't at peak performance. I checked my bag and forgot to tell AA that I had another flight scheduled into Spokane. So my options were to grab my bag and go back through security and HOPE & PRAY the plane didn't leave (Miss my fight) or get on my flight and PRAY that AA would make sure I got my bags in Spokane. Thank GOD Alaska Airlines - Seattle-Tacoma Int'lAirport (SEA)​ and Alaska Airlines Spokane got it right. I was so worried that someone would steal my bag and my memories from New Orleans but had faith in AA. I proactively called Spokane (left a Voice Mail and had a call back within minutes, That NEVER happens anywhere) and gave my baggage number and explained what happened. Joni in Spokane said come by and see me when you land. I gave Joni my contact information and she said you may have to come pick it up when it arrives tomorrow. I had no problem with that since it was my mistake. But Joni said with confidence we should have your bag tonight or in the morning, totally putting my mind at ease and I believed that I would get my bag back. The next morning (today) I called as Joni asked to see if the bag arrived and left a voice mail, got a message back saying my bag arrived and it was being delivered. WOW, OMG, BLOWN AWAY, Whatever you are doing to train your employees it's working. I have to say with the free in flight wi-fi movies, iPhone charger, and Amazing Customer Service I couldn't ask for more! Keep up the good work because that's how you gain new customers for life!!! #ExcellentCustomerService


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Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day!!
Rachelle XOXOXO