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Washington Wine Month

So what is a girl to do when its 8:00 am she's awake, and the kids are asleep including the friend sleeping over? Coffee first but next? Blog of course. Its not every day you have uninterrupted time to yourself to just Blog.

Summer is almost over and I feel like it just began. Here in Spokane its been 90+ degrees for several weeks now and its starting to get unbearable. My beautiful hanging baskets are dying from the heat, so extra water is a must. You can see in the picture below the hanging basket on top is dying and the basket on the bottom is still doing well. But in my garden its flourishing. I have tons of tomatoes with lots of varieties like Heirloom, cherry tomatoes (sweet olive), grape tomatoes, can you tell I LOVE tomatoes? Then I have zucchini, cucumbers, had Lettuce, Pumpkins, Walla Walla Sweet Onions, Basil, Cilantro, Red onions, and Strawberries. Its definitely enough to add fresh toppings to a salad or home made salsa or Pico de gallo. I've already made home made pesto and it was AMAZING! And seriously the most amazing part of my garden is that 90% of it is from organic seed. Yup that's right I'm super mom, NOT. I just happen to work with a wonderful lady, Karen, who does all sorts of amazing things like make home made cheeses, and has an amazing garden. She convinced me that organic was the way to go so we went online to and we ordered. I was nervous because when I was finally able to plant them in my garden they were sooooo small and fragile. But once our summer heat set in my garden was on fire. I've already had cumbers and large red tomatoes, now I'm just waiting for the smaller tomatoes to turn red. I feel like I should take a pic and show you, so I will. I'm pretty proud of this above ground garden that my husband built me last mothers day. He knows I love to garden and so he found a space in our backyard and surprised me.

Washington Wine Month
So August is Washignton Wine Month. I absolutely LOVE wine and the fact that it has its own month is Awesome!!! #WashingtonWineMonth. If you have never been to Washington to try our wines or purchased from your local stores then you are missing out. One of my most favorite wineries is in Wall Walla, Washington called Waterbrook Winery. They have amazing wine, their winery is beautiful beyond words.

#DrinkofTheWeek - For this drink of the week I am going to choose one of my favorite white wines in honor of #WashingtonWineMonth. Waterbrook's 2012 Reserve Chardonnay is delicious and refreshing on a hot summers night. Rated top 100 by Wine Spectator its sure to please your pallet.


Last but not least - It seems that all the rage is on Listerine, Vinegar, and hot water for your feet. It's all over Facebook and Pinterest so I had to put this to the test to see if it really works. So I decided to do it on the cheap you know, in case it didn't work. I went to the dollar store and picked up some blue Listerine, a gallon of white vinegar, and I added some Epsom Salt for good measure. I figured it couldn't hurt, right? So I finished reading my book and soaked my feet in the tub of ingredients. They say use 1/4 cup of water, 1/4 cup of Listerine, and 1/4 cup of vinegar, but I don't know about you and your feet but that was simply not enough for me. I mean my feet aren't huge or anything, I'm a size 7 but I like a good soak so I used the whole bottle of Listerine 24oz and equal parts vinegar, water. My feet did appear to be softer but I guess my feet are not bad enough to have layers of skin falling off as people claim. However they are really soft but the cracks on the heel of my foot are still there. I decided to go one step further and put lots of Lubriderm lotion on my feet and put on socks before bed to hold in the moisture. My conclusion is this - My feet are soft and if that's what they intended these crazy ingredients to do then they worked. I also think Listerine is going to see a rise in sales and if this idea was created by someone in their marketing dept to drive sales then they are marketing geniuses.

I will now leave you with something funny, enjoy!


Thanks for reading my first Blog. I hope you enjoyed and keep coming back for more....

Yours Truly,

(pictured below Left my best friend and me)

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